Pole Creek Meadows Owners Association

Latest News Regarding Sign Light: Upon further investigation by the electrician, the box at the sign at CR515 and Hiway 40 is not receiving consistent power. This could indicate a break in the underground line which means that we won't know what needs to be fixed until after the snow melts in the spring. (posted 1/28/2023)


Upcoming HOA Board Meetings: 

  June 16, 2023

  September 8, 2023 

  November 10, 2023 

All meetings start at 5:00 pm at Church of the Eternal Hills and are open to PCMOA members.

Welcome to our neighborhood site!

Pole Creek Meadows is located 1.1 miles west of Tabernash on US Highway 40 between Granby and Fraser, or about 15 minutes drive northwest of Winter Park, Colorado.  See map.

Pole Creek Meadows is a covenant protected community.  Compliance to Covenants and Rules and Regulations are actively managed and patiently and reasonably enforced, to enhance the beauty, tranquility and enhance the property values within the subdivision. Potential buyers are strongly advised to review all documents which require maintenance, limit activities and regulate structures and improvements in the Governing Documents, Design Review and FAQ sections before purchasing.  Please also be aware of the Short Term Rental Regulations.

The subdivision consists of 103 lots of various sizes, two of which are zoned Tourist and the remainder zoned Residential.  The total subdivision area is approximately 450 acres, about 1/3 of which is Open Space managed for the enjoyment and benefit of the membership.  Use of motorized vehicles on the open space is strictly prohibited and enforced in winter and summer.  Most of this open space is open meadow and sparsely forested hillsides.

The open space also contains one pumped pond used for fire protection and two normally dry catch basins required as part of the state mandated Water Augmentation Plan.  This plan requires owners to annually report water usage to the association which in turn reports this data to the Colorado State Water Engineer.  Each lot has an individual water well and septic system.  The State Water Engineer regulates the water well and usage.  Outside watering is limited to 1000 square feet by each lot's water well permit.  The septic system and residential construction is subject to Grand County Building dept regulations.  Siting and design of the residence is regulated and subject to the approval of the Pole Creek Meadows Design Review Committee.  Landscape maintenance is required, including removal of dead trees and lower 10' of limbs for fire prevention. See Rules, Regulations, Fees, and Enforcement Process of Pole Creek Meadows Owners Association on the Governing Documents page.