Events & Meetings

September 10, 2021: Board meeting at 5pm at the Church of the Eternal Hills

Agenda for September 10, 2021 Pole Creek Meadows HOA Board Meeting:

    1. Approve minutes from the June 11th meeting.

    2. Treasurer's Report

    3. Committee Reports
      DRC Update
      Forestry. Rules and Regs revision. pond, open space, ladder limbing update, newsletter.

    4. Update on RVs/Trailers

    5. Board and Committee Membershipp

    6. Rules and Regulations. Georgia recommendation.

    7. Website changes

    8. ATV signs

    9. Next Board Meeting. November 12th. Annual Meeting Nov. 13th

November 12, 2021: Board meeting at 5pm, location TBD.

November 13, 2021: Annual meeting at 4pm at the Church of the Eternal Hills.

Please contact the Secretary by emailing for the latest information.